Tulip Town Welcomes Guests Starting April 1

Photo by Jane Johnson.

Spring is coming! Today marks the first day of daylight saving time, and spring is less than a week away. One of the top PNW ways to celebrate spring is with a trip up north to Mount Vernon to enjoy the tulip fields. Last year, we missed out on this experience (and many, many other things), but this year we’ll get to enjoy the tulips again. Enter Tulip Town.

Five high school friends returned home to their roots in Skagit Valley three decades after graduation and purchased Tulip Town from the previous owners of 36 years. 2020 was set to be their inaugural season and then Covid-19 was declared a pandemic and everything shut down. They had to get creative in ways to share their tulips, with photography and a roadside stand.

This year, Tulip Town is slated to open the farm to the public on April 1. It could be sooner if Mother Nature nudges them with an earlier than planned bloom.

Ticketing information:

  • Tickets can only be purchased online for a designated time slot on a particular day. 
  • Ticket Offerings include General Admission, Experience Pass, and Photography Pass
  • The five-acre farm is welcoming guests every day in April from 8:00 am – 7:00 pm. 
  • Ticket prices range from $5 to $15 for General Admission. Kids under five are free. 

Buy tickets here.

Tulip Town. Photo by Jane Johnson.

“This year, it’s all about the ‘Barn Field’ featuring two of our neighbors’ cute red barns,” said Angela Speer, president, and chief operations officer of Tulip Town. “We planted our rows to capitalize on the landscape backdrops of both the barns as well as the rising and setting sun each day.”

“It’s a photographer’s dream. It’s built for Instagram,” said Miller. “Our field features much wider ‘runways’ and cut out areas for people to get up close and personal with the tulips.” 

Visitors can expect a personal and interactive experience in the five-acre tulip field and the one-acre Tulip Town garden with its iconic windmill in the middle.

Tulip Town also boasts 10,000 square feet of indoor garden space. The indoor venue is “the perfect place to enjoy our hyper-local beer, wine, and cider in our beer and wine garden,” said Rachael Ward Sparwasser, managing partner of Tulip Town. There is a new cafe, The Landing, which will serve ice cream, coffee, and treats with more details to follow.

Tour Tulip Town All Across the Globe

“For those participating remotely, we’ve got the 360-Tulip Town experience,” said Miller. “Guests can download on our app (Apple and Google) as well as our twice-daily guided field tours** on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.”

“We also just rolled out the ‘Tulip Town Times’ newsletter, too, as we want people near and far to be in the ‘Bloom Loop,’” he added.

Please find all of the details here about ticket sales, COVID-protocols, and more offerings from the farm: https://tuliptown.com/.