Celebrate National Hamburger Day (May 28) with a Free Burger at Uneeda

Classic Burger & Fries. Photo credit: Justin Oba.

A hamburger is a beautiful thing. When thinking of “American Food”, the humble burger is often one of the first things that pops up in our minds. They’re ubiquitous and almost everyone has an opinion about what makes a great burger. Seattle has an immense amount of burger options from the fast food variety to the higher end. A burger for every taste and occasion. 

Whether it’s grilled, broiled, fried, or topped, they are a work of art. In fact, there is a day devoted to honoring the beloved delights. National Hamburger Day happens is this Friday, May 28th. This year this auspicious day has landed on a Friday and the forecast predicts sunny skies! What better way to honor the beloved burger, in Seattle, then with a side sun rays? How about with a free burger from one of the best burger joints in town! That’s right, Uneeda Burger in Fremont is celebrating National Hamburger Day by handing out complimentary Classic Burgers to walk-up customers.

“The past 15 months have been such a challenging time, yet the Seattle community has continued to show up and support us,” said Uneeda Burger Chef and owner Scott Staples. “We’re all cautiously optimistic in celebrating science, and a slow return to new normalcy, so as summer – and National Hamburger Day – approaches, we all need a reason to rejoice!” These free burgers are a thank you to the community for its support. 

I recently picked up an order from their walk up window and was so impressed with their griddled delights. I am a big fan of a fancy burger, however, if you are going to judge a burger joint by its merits then simple is the way to go. The Classic Burger was both tender and juicy and harkened me back to when I was in culinary school in Napa Valley eating at Gott’s Roadside. The simple toppings of shredded romaine lettuce, sliced tomatoes, pickles, and their house sauce was the perfect complement to their all-beef patty. But more than the simple toppings, what makes a good burger is the Goldilocks ratio of chuck (ground beef) to fat; not too lean and not too rich. Uneeda burger uses a meat mix of 75 percent lean chuck to 25 percent fat creating a succulent patty when cooked to their recommended medium-rare that is just right.

Do yourself a favor and celebrate National Burger day with a free burger from Uneeda Burger. 


  • One free Classic Burger per customer
  • Add-ons like bacon, cheese or a fried egg can be added at an additional fee
  • Offer only valid on Friday, May 28, beginning at 11:00 am as long as supplies last
  • Offer applies to walk up, in-person orders only

Currently, Uneeda Burger is available for takeout or delivery with online order and in person orders at the walk-up window. There is limited patio seating available.