Mobile Hot Tubs On Demand With PNW Mobile Spa

Mobile spa set up in the author's backyard. Photo credit: Tram Tran-Larson

Whenever we’re booking an AirBnB for a getaway, we select the filters “pets allowed” and “hot tub,” because who doesn’t love the option of hot tub? It can really elevate the vacation experience for some extra relaxation. Everyone enjoys a hot tub but a huge deterrent to actually owning one is having the space and then the subsequent cost and maintenance. Who has the time and resources for that? 

What if I told you you don’t need to book an AirBnB or drop thousands of dollars on a purchase but still get the enjoyment of a hot tub? Enter PNW Mobile Spa, who will literally deliver a hot tub to your house, fill it up and pick it up a few days later, leaving no trace.

Husband and wife team, Justin and Ana launched PNW Mobile Spa when the pandemic first hit, when businesses, including spas, were shut down. Hot tub rentals like this didn’t exist in the area (but are apparently common in Canada!). The mobile spa tubs are soft-sided (they’re lighter than traditional hot tubs), and include jets and underwater LED lights. There are two sizes to choose from; the 220 fits 4 people and the 300 fits 6 people. They have various packages to choose from, ranging from the length of time and extra add-ons: 

  • The Basic ($295/$385) includes the spa tub, cover, entry step and foot rinsing station. The Social ($395/$485) includes all of that plus a wood surround (there’s also a wicker option) for when you want to take a break from the water. 
  • The Experience ($545/$700) includes all of the above plus a waterproof gazebo with stringed lights and aromatherapy spa crystals. 
  • All packages include a towel rack and stand for the cover. 
  • The minimum rental time is 48-hours but you can also rent them for a week or an entire month! They have 12 mobile spas to rent and you can easily reserve one online
  • Keep in mind that you have to have the space for it, sign a liability waiver (you break it, you buy it) and have permission from the homeowner, unless that’s you.
Photo of the author enjoying the mobile spa.

Now that we’ve got you excited, is it worth the hype? Yes! We tried it for two days and without a doubt, YES! If you live within 1,000 miles of Seattle, do it! First off, Ana is so sweet and we bonded over our mutual love of long-haired dachshunds while Justin and his sister set everything up. They want you to have a good time so are very diligent about where they set it up for maximum comfort (we apparently have a lot of divots in our yard so there was a lot of walking around to find the flattest surface). They rolled the hot tub from their truck through the yard in what looks like heavy duty saran wrap. After it was unwrapped and wiped down, it took maybe ten minutes to fill up with water. Once plugged in (there needs to be an outlet within 30 feet), the water heated up ridiculously fast (within five minutes) thanks to Justin’s proprietary heating method. The entire set up took about an hour from the time they arrived to the time they left.

Despite it being over 80 degrees outside during the first week of June, we had a great time with the hot tub. The water temperature can be turned down to 60 degrees (maximum temp of 104), and will cool down faster if you turn the jets on. The wood surrounding is a practical touch to store any items you need at arm’s reach (think drinks, sunscreen, etc.) It was great to have a spot to sit or lounge on when we were waiting for the water to cool down or wanted a break. We even brought out a laptop to have a movie night out there! (Admittedly, we did some work from the hot tub during the day as well but we kept our camera off.) We invited a few friends over to partake in the fun and it was like a mini vacation in our backyard. We took pictures, drank, danced, relaxed, listened to music, ate, and laughed like it was a “Hot Girl Summer.” The LED lights were also a fun touch. This was our first time being in a soft-sided hot tub and it was so comfortable! We preferred this to the usual acrylic sides on traditional hot tubs for a couple reasons: it’s less slippery and easier to find your footing and in the chance that you do slip or fall, you’re much less likely to hurt yourself.

Two days later, the PNW Mobile Spa crew arrived with the truck, drained the water out (they use a very small amount of chlorine so it’s environment friendly) behind our fence and were gone in less than 30 minutes. There was no mess and we didn’t have to do anything so it was almost like it never existed in our backyard.

All in all, it was a lovely break from the routine of everyday life, especially from the past year plus, without all the hassle and responsibility of owning a hot tub. It includes everything you need, like a sanitizer ball for when the hot tub isn’t in use and a skimmer to remove any leaves or debris that floats around the water. Honestly, we loved it so much that we are already talking about renting it in the fall for our annual Friendsgiving. We imagine it’ll be even better when it’s a little chilly outside! Seattleites, if you have the money to splurge, or split the cost with friends, it’s worth it. Forget AirBnB, have your own backyard getaway!