Hot Tub Boating in Lake Union

Photo credit: Hot Tub Boats

Located on Westlake and Lake Union, Hot Tub Boats are the proud inventors of the world’s first hot tub boat. They custom build each of their hot tub boats locally and they are fantastic. It’s pretty simple really. You are in a boat that’s mostly a hot tub. It’s easy to maneuver with a joystick. So basically you get to hot tub while cruising the lake.

Each boat can fit up to 6 people, so it’s a fun activity for a group or a more intimate date night for two. Because the hot tub is so warm (approximately heated to 104 degrees F), it’s perfect for any type of weather. The fall, winter, and spring are actually probably the most ideal, but I even saw folks out in the Hot Tub Boats during the heat waves last summer and they still looked like they were having a great time.

We recently went in a group of four and as I was checking the weather in the days leading up to our reservation, the chance of rain increased from 70% to 80% and then finally to 100%. Luckily, you can go out in these boats rain or shine. We brought hats, beanies, and I brought an umbrella for myself (because I’m that type of Seattleite). The hot tub was steamy and ready for us when we arrived. The staff (dock leads) were friendly and polite and followed their COVID-19 safety protocols where staff and boaters wear masks in the open-air facility. Boaters can remove masks once in the boat.

We changed in their “locker room” that had open cubbies, cubbies with locks, changing rooms, and a bathroom. It was super cozy and warm to get changed in there. We hopped into the boat and we stored non-alcoholic drinks, snacks, our phones, etc. into the dry storage bin. We received a short orientation and were assured that if we had any issues (get lost, lose power, etc.) that we could call them and they would come out to rescue us. Of course, we didn’t have any issues, but it was comforting to know that we wouldn’t be stranded!

Photo credit: Hot Tub Boats

The two-hour reservation felt like the right amount of time. It’s enough time to scoot along and look at the house boats, check out Gasworks Park, and visit the southern part of the lake, where the Center for Wooden Boats is. Because the horsepower of the boat’s engines are under 15 horsepower, you don’t need a boater’s license!

It’s about $400 for 2 hours, a bit more if you’re reserving a holiday or game day. Of course this isn’t cheap, but if you’re splitting it with your 5 friends (it’s about $70 each) and is perfect for a special occasion or just a COVID-friendly outdoor activity during these colder months.

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