Suckerpunch, Portland’s First Zero-Proof Cocktail Bar, is Opening This Weekend

Photo credit: Carly Diaz

I am loving the uptick of non-alcoholic (zero proof) drinks being offered for folks who don’t drink or can’t drink or those simply looking to cut down. As someone who hasn’t been super into alcohol for really no good reason (which is also a fine reason) my whole life, I’m always looking for other zero proof options when I go out.

Seattle is yet to open a permanent non-alcoholic bar, though way more spots are offering options (see Eater’s list here), but I will be all for it when it happens. Our lovely neighbors to the south are doing it! This weekend! Suckerpunch, Portland’s first zero-proof (no alcohol) bar, opens this weekend and reservations are now live!

Make your reservation here.

Suckerpunch started in 2020 as a zero-proof events and cocktail kits company. This weekend, Suckerpunch will open the next iteration of their revolutionary brand: an experimental pop-up zero-proof cocktail bar serving sophisticated alcohol-free cocktails in a familiar and intimate bar setting.

As the Suckerpunch team works to open a permanent location later this year, this pop-up space is Portland’s first full-service zero-proof cocktail bar. The space offers a unique experience of a set tasting of three cocktails with a dessert pairing. The cocktails are seasonally-inspired, rotating regularly (attached is a photo of their opening cocktail menu). They plan to add some retail to the space this spring.

“We’re excited to finally bring a dedicated zero-proof bar to Portland! We’ll be using this pop-up space to develop recipes, experiment with service, and host tastings and events. Whether you’re sober, curious, or just taking a night off, we look forward to finally welcoming you in!”

– Andy McMillan, Owner, Suckerpunch

Photo credit: Carly Diaz

Suckerpunch is located at the Goat Blocks (1030 SE Belmont St, Portland, Oregon – entrance is in the central courtyard), open 6:00 pm to 11:00 pm every Thursday through Sunday. To start, reservations are required, with seatings at 6:00 pm and 8:00 pm. Here’s the link to make reservations: