Genuine Skagit Valley’s Farmstand Fresh celebrates 16 Produce Stands & Farm Stores

Photo by Steph Forrer.

“Farmers are used to weathering the weather,” said Blake Vanfield, marketing director of Genuine Skagit Valley (GSV), an organization that supports Skagit Valley growers and producers to help sustain farming in the region for generations to come. “But, this season, they have especially shown resiliency after their fields and farms were inundated with near-record flooding this past winter followed by a wet and cold spring.”

Extreme weather conditions can lead to delayed harvests and smaller crop yields in many cases, but Skagit Valley farmers have found a way to produce and deliver their bounty once again—just as they have done for more than 150 years.

Farmstand Fresh 

Photo courtesy of Genuine Skagit Valley / Blake Vanfield

16 produce stands and farm stores are welcoming visitors to Genuine Skagit Valley’s Farmstand Fresh, a summer-long celebration highlighting growers and food producers from across the region running through August 31st. Explore the Skagit Valley is a perfect summer day trip with your friends and family to support our local growers and producers.

“While there’s no question the slow start to longer sunnier days in the Valley led to delayed harvests, the fields have finally come alive, and our farmstands are brimming with freshly- picked berries, beets, flowers, greens, and produce of all kinds,” said Blake Vanfield, marketing director of Genuine Skagit Valley. “Growers have also shuffled how they’re operating their stands, so it will be a win-win for guests to their farms.”

Bow Hill Blueberry Farm

Opening for U-pick the first weekend in August and open every weekend throughout August. The farm usually opens for U-pick in July, said Vanfield.

Within a half-mile of Bow Hill, visitors can pop by other family-owned businesses: Blanchard Mountain Farm, an organic farm for flowers and produce,  creamery Samish Bay Cheese , brewery and cidery Terramar, and artisan bakery Breadfarm.

“We certainly hope people travel to our Valley this season and show our farmers some love,” said Vanfield. “We promise to make the trip to our rural roadside stands worth the trek!” said Vanfield.

Farmstand Fresh Participants

A list of the participating growers can be found here

Photo courtesy of Genuine Skagit Valley / Blake Vanfield

Getting There

GSV’s “Explore” page allows visitors to customize their search and map out specific types of farms. 

About the Region

From the fertile river-fed flats of the Samish Delta to the foothills of the North Cascades, the farming community just an hour north of Seattle produces roughly $300 million worth of crops, livestock, and dairy products on approximately 95,000 acres of land, according to Washington State University Skagit County Extension in 2018.