Matcha Magic’s Fun Twists on Classic Matcha

Caramel Maca-iato™. Photo courtesy Matcha Magic.

Matcha Magic opened up this spring in Bellevue downtown and it’s worth heading across the bridge for. Their space is super cute and bright and their drinks are delicious. You can take your drink(s) to nearby Bellevue Downtown Park for a nice walk, or a couple blocks away to shop at Bellevue Square.

I love matcha lattes and make them at home almost daily. Having them out is a treat, but having an interesting flavor combination that I can’t make myself is definitely a draw. My favourite so far is the Matcha Horchata. I wasn’t sure how the flavors would work together, but they’re very complementary and it was really tasty. I’d definitely order it again. Next on my list to try are the Ube Matcha (matcha + ube syrup) and the Dirty Matcha (matcha + espresso).

Matcha Magic uses organic, ceremonial-grade matcha and plant-forward offerings (no dairy in any of their drinks!). For non-dairy folks like me, this is a dream! Their menu offers a range of boosters and adaptogens to add to your latte. For food, they have toasts with toppings ranging from a simple avocado or hummus, to cream cheese and salmon and chocolate hazelnut spread. They also have a few different acai bowls.

Woman and minority-owned, Matcha Magic donates five percent of its sales to Ladies Who Launch, a nonprofit committed to bridging the equity gap in entrepreneurship for women and non-binary entrepreneurs of diverse backgrounds.

Rachel Barnecut, Matcha Magic Founder.

For now, the flagship location in Bellevue is the only location, but more locations are on the horizon.

About Matcha Magic: Rachel Barnecut opened Matcha Magic in 2022, after a trip back to Asia where she fell in love with matcha during visits to tea fields. Returning to Bellevue, she dreamed up a way to revolutionize these classic drinks, and created the first plant-forward matcha cafe in Bellevue. Matcha Magic is backed by Conscious Hospitality Group.