One of the many things this Misplaced Texan misses from the Lone Star State is some good ol’ barbeque. So it is no wonder that when I caught the smell of barbeque wafting through the air in my neighborhood, I followed it like a classic Bugs Bunny cartoon when he is physically compelled to float in midair toward a delicious meal.  Then I saw it: a tiny log cabin of a trailer known as the “Campfire Chuck Wagon” parked adjacent to Lower Queen Anne’s Citizen Café and Bar on the corner of Taylor Avenue North and Roy Street, just north of Mercer Street.

Find some finger lickin’ BBQ in Ballard.

In this edition of Food Porn, we feature Kickin’ Boot Whiskey Kitchen, where everything is made in house, from scratch, and with quality ingredients (except their bread made by Tall Grass Bakery). Their menu features house-smoked meats, wood-fired steaks, and hearty Southern fare. With an impressive whiskey collection, plenty of wine and beer, and small batch sippers, they have libations to complement every meal.