‘Tis the season for giving back.

It seems fitting during this holiday season, whilst celebrating with our friends, family, and delicious food, to take a moment to pause and revel in all that we have. We are truly blessed with so much. Let’s take a moment to give back to those who may be less fortunate than us. No one should ever go hungry in our community, especially during this chilly winter. Here is just one opportunity for you to

John Howie invites you to build the ultimate burger and win a trip to Hawaii.

John Howie’s Sport Restaurant & Bar is sponsoring a contest that could win you a trip to Hawaii! This amazing contest runs until November 12. The burger menu features over 100 items, including house made salsa verde, peanut butter, fried eggs, and jalapeno poppers. The top-four submissions and one random burger selection will be chosen by Chef Howie and Ian Furness from KJR Sports

Bona fide northwestern chef’s take on seafood with the help of his wine right arm.

John Howie is a man of large stature. His lofty presence in the boxy, bleached chef coat exudes power, both to the food Lament and the culinary enlightened. With three restaurants pulling in stats as major players, he has two future ventures on deck and is ready to compete with the best of them. As an authority figure in Northwest restauranteering, John Howie is the real deal and could probably beat you up if you disagree.