The Eastside, particularly Bellevue, has a reputation and it’s not a positive one. Many people think of the Eastside as being cultureless with cookie-cutter chain restaurants and snobby, materialistic people driving Range Rovers and Teslas. However, while it may be true in a small way, that isn’t an entirely accurate or fair description. There’s so much more to the Eastside—don’t let a few stereotypes stop you from visiting! There are several great spots that Seattleites should consider crossing the bridge for (and a few places to avoid), you just need a little “In the Know”.

Fabulous French pastries and custom cakes.

In this edition of Food Porn, we feature Midori Bakery, an adorable gourmet French bakery located in Redmond. They provide an array of delicious pastries in the shop, cater for Januik Winery, and other private events, but also have booths at the Saturday Bellevue farmer’s market and the Wednesday Kirkland farmer’s market. Tucked away in an office park, you’ll have to follow the signs