Seattle By Foot invites you to learn about — and sip on — the city’s finest joe.

You may think you know everything about Seattle, but Seattle By Foot begs to differ. The group sponsors walking tours that allow you to explore the city’s nooks and crannies — even die-hard locals don’t about some of these locations. Seattle By Foot wants you to experience a whole new side of your hometown — and if you join them during the weekend, you’ll enjoy some fresh coffee while you’re at it. A lot of fresh coffee, actually. 

Trendsetting and trailblazing — this visionary talent is a creative powerhouse.

Jim Haven is a person of deviation, a fountain of ideas and an innovator of solutions. His strengths (which he once identified as weaknesses) have evolved into award-winning strategies used for the many high profile clients his advertising and marketing company, Creature, services across the country.

You’re a Seattleite, so chances are you’re a coffee drinker as well. Some of us find comfort in the mainstream warmth of a cornerside ‘Bucks or Tully’s, while others prefer that funky little cafe behind the neighborhood used clothing store. Regardless of where we choose to sip our drinks, we are all united in our love of coffee in Seattle — and it would appear a local champion has been crowned.