Monorail Espresso: Seattle’s Best Coffee

You’re a Seattleite, so chances are you’re a coffee drinker as well. Some of us find comfort in the mainstream warmth of a cornerside ‘Bucks or Tully’s, while others prefer that funky little cafe behind the neighborhood used clothing store. Regardless of where we choose to sip our drinks, we are all united in our love of coffee in Seattle — and it would appear a local champion has been crowned.

Krups, a world leader in coffee and espresso machines, has been sending representatives across the country. Their mission was to determine each city’s finest caffeinated brew, and last week Krups unveiled the winners of their annual ‘Cup O’Joe’ Awards. In Seattle, the winner is… Monorail Espresso, a cozy Pike Street locale long-known for top-notch caffeinated beverages.

Some of Monorail’s custom concoctions include the Almond Latte, the Frango Mint Mocha and Cherry White Mocha. The staples of coffee-drinking, such as the Americano, Latte and Cappuccino, are also top-notch. In addition to the city’s finest brew, Monorail also offers a delicious array of homemade cookies that beg to be washed down by a hot beverage.

Monorail also gets points for friendliness, as the staff is well-renowned for their big smiles. Best of all, customers can enjoy these tasty treats for a very affordable price. Just remember to hit the ATM before you stop by Monorail — as of right now, these baristas only accept cash payments.

So next time you’re strolling downtown and that caffeine craving kicks in, what better place to go than the home of Seattle’s best cup of coffee?

Monorail Espresso | 520 Pike St., Seattle