Tea is quickly becoming a favorite beverage across America, with 158 million Americans are drinking tea daily. Even at Starbucks, handcrafted tea beverages sales are up 12% over the last year. With tea on the rise, Naoko Tsunoda, Teavana’s Master Teaologist spoke with us about Teavana’s new handpicked, micro-lot teas. Have you ever tried reserve roast coffee? These micro-lot teas are the equivalent for tea. The Southcenter and Bellevue Teavana locations will be the only stores to offer these 15 micro-lot or small-batch teas.

Winter months in Seattle bring a great deal of grey skies, drizzly rain, and an all-around dampened mood. We do get a few nice days here and there (Monday and Tuesday this week), but it isn’t enough to get us through the whole season. Here are some tips for maintaining health and wellness until we get to summer. Put good stuff in your body and keep active!