2011 MUST LUST: A Camera for Wealthy Collectors

Say Cheese!

You take a Leica M9, you give it to an international designer, add a touch of luxury and you see the result, an untouchably expensive luxury toy.

Walter de’Silva, head of research and style at Volkswagen, who’s claim to fame is designing several other luxurious industrial objects such as Audi, Seat, Alfa Romeo, and Lamborghini (just to name a few), but here, he tackles a camera.

This Leica M9 Titanium will cost you the modest sum of $30,000, but if you manage to find one of 500 copies of the limited series, you’ll have the pleasure to add this camera to your collection of useless expensive gadgets that we love so much, purely for the fact that it’s ridiculously too much, excessive and unaffordable, but we can still lust at such objects of desire.

The Leica M9 Titanium is built exclusively with luxury materials. All visible metal parts are made of solid titanium, lightweight and robust. A scratch-resistant saphire crystal is used for the rear control panel. The sheathing of the case is made from leather used in the interior of  Audi luxury cars, and for better grip, the leather is embossed with a diamond structure.