Happy Hour: The Rediscovered Cherry Cosmo

Photo: Anthony Mair, Weekly Seven

Appletinis? So cliched. Cosmopolitans? Over it. It’s time for a new cocktail to take the mass-consumed reigns. Enter the creation of famed steakhouse (and celebrity-sighting-ville) STK New York mixologists, the Rediscovered Cherry Cosmo.

Photo: Anthony Mair, Weekly Seven

Pleasing to the consummate cocktailian, yet simple enough for the mixologically wary to wrap their palates around, the cocktail naturally appeals mostly to the female crowd and is overwhelmingly STK’s best-seller. However, “When guys do try it,” The One Group’s corporate mixologist Shawn Sugrue adds, “they admit that it is really good.” Faced with a delicious cherry cocktail, they cannot tell a lie.

Try it at home tonight and let us know what you think.

The Rediscovered Cherry Cosmo

2 ounces Smirnoff Black Cherry vodka

½ ounce Triple Sec

½ ounce white cranberry juice

½ ounce fresh sour mix

Splash freshly squeezed lime juice

Dried or brandied cherry garnish

Combine ingredients in a mixing glass. Add ice, cover, shake and strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with a bar pick of three cherries.

recipe courtesy of weekly seven.