2011 MUST HAVE: iPhone & iPad Gadgets

Boys and their toys (or girls and their gadgets), we all have a universal love and obsession with our Apple toys. The lust continues with these three Must-Have accessories.

Phone Camera Gadget: Zoom Lense

Take your phone photography skills to the next level with the Conice Zoom Lens. This telescopic lens attachment is compatible with a number of smartphone models, including the iPhone, Samsung Galaxy S and Sony Xperia 10. The zoom lens is attached to a clear case, which then gets placed on your mobile. It features a 6x zoom magnification to capture more details in order to create stunning images. The Conice Zoom Lens will turn you into a master phone photographer.

Available at GeekStuff4U | $50

Desk Gadget: Moshi Moshi 03i Bluetooth Handset

Turn your high-tech iPhone to a classically sleek land line. For all you Skype users or cell phone addicts, the Moshi Moshi 03i is a great solution to talk comfortably at home. Thanks to the talents of french designer David Turpin, the wireless handset’s minimalist look compliments any desk while providing a handy charging dock for you iPhone. Since it’s equipped with Bluetooth 2.1 multipoint technology, it can also pair with two separate phones or even a computer to handle normal voice calls as well as the Skype-based variety. When the phone rings, just pick it up and press the answer button to talk.

Available at NativeUnion | $150

Automobile Gadget: Pack the Valet iPad Car Mount in Your vehicle

While we don’t encourage anyone to use their iPad inside a vehicle, the Valet iPad Car Mount might ease some anxieties. The Valet iPad Car Mount is essentially a large handlebar, with a frame to hold your beloved gadget. Mounting an iPad to your vehicle isn’t new, but this one can be swiveled in different directions, making your tablet easily accessible. The Valet iPad Car Mount is made from durable carbon fiber and features a simple snap-in, snap-out holder for convenience.

Available at The Joy Factory | $150