Happy Hour: Sweeten Things Up

tequila cocktail drink recipes

tequila cocktail drink recipesFrilly girly drinks aren’t really your thing (in public). You’re no pansy. But, let’s be honest, this “I love scotch because I’m a real drinker” facade of yours isn’t as pleasure-inducing as your Appletini and Cosmo days of the very-recent past.

Find a happy medium. Sure, the drink’s name is the “Sparkling Kiss” but it has tequila in it. And tequila is a man’s beverage. So go ahead, man up.

Sparkling Kiss, courtesy of 1800 Silver Tequila

4 oz. Sparkling Wine

1/2 oz 1800 Silver Tequila

1/2 oz Soho Lychee Liquor

1/2 oz Raspberry Liquor

Combine ingredient in a mixing glass and pour into the bottom of a champagne flute.

Top with sparkling wine or champagne.