Happy Hour: A Taste of Vancouver

Smolensky Wins Tales of the Cocktail on Tour Official Cocktail Competition.

Tales of Cocktail, headed to Vancouver this March, recently challenged mixologists from that city up north to create the flavor of this year’s festivities with an official cocktail.

Cocktails had one requirement — use a choice of Canadian whisky aged 10 years or more — and participants were encouraged to use ingredients that are indigenous to the provinces of Canada.

After sampling more than 40 submissions from Canadian mixologists, the panel of judges selected Jonathan Smolensky’s Dalhousie as the official cocktail of Tales of the Cocktail on Tour — Vancouver.

Smolensky, a Vancouver-based bartender at the Brix Restaurant and George Ultra Lounge, combined the history and culture of Canada when selecting the unique ingredients for his cocktail.

Even the name, Dalhousie, derives from an iconic Quebec train station that started the Canadian Pacific Railway.

Dalhousie Cocktail

Start by taking 6-8 Canada plums, which have been dehydrated in coarse sugar, and steep them in Gibson’s 18yr Canadian whisky for 4-5 days.

Then use these ingredients:

2 oz. Canada plum-infused 18 yr Gibson’s

1/2 oz Domaine de Canton liqueur

1/3 oz. Zwack Unicum

1-2 dashes of high quality rendition of Boker’s bitters

Lemon peel

Chill a coupe glass and a mixing/Boston glass. In a mixing glass, add the Canada plum infused 18-year Gibson’s, the Domaine de Canton, the Zwack Unicum and Boker’s bitters. Stir until heavy and properly diluted. Remove the pith of the lemon peel and rub the peel on the inside edge of the coupe glass, then toss the peel. Double strain all mixed ingredients into the coupe glass and garnish with a small Canada plum fan.