Be Our Valentine: Seattleite’s Songs for VDay

Love. Ain’t it grand? Or maybe not. Whether you have big plans to cuddle up with a loved one or drown yourself in cheap gin and bar peanuts today, we wanted to help by sending you our own Valentine. Directly from us to you, here’s a play list of our favorite tunes to take you through this special (or not-so-special) day. 

Photo: Jonathan Bishop

Seattleite brings you Songs To Take You Through Your Valentine’s Day:

Annie Brady | Staff Photographer | “Lover” by Devendra Banhart. Why? Because everyone wants to be wanted, especially on Valentine’s Day.

James Germain | Writer | “Next Girl” by The Black Keys Why? Because I played it on the jukebox while she was in the bathroom on what I knew would be our last date. It certainly made me smile. Maybe you will too.

John Ferensen | Writer | “Crash Into Me” by Dave Matthews Band. Why? It’s a misunderstood pop ballad, due in most part to its sugary sweet melody. Perfect for those in lust, not love.

Allison Lind | Editor | “Roll Away Your Stone” by Mumford and Sons. Why? It’s a fun song to rock out to. Plus, the lyrics to this one are the perfect anthem for the stubborn-hearted.

Jon Meyer | Writer | Naturally, “l-o-v-e” by Nat King Cole.  Why? It’s a simple tune to sing and it can easily be hummed while walking in public.

Lisa Plancich | Writer | “It Had To Be You” by Harry Connick, Jr. Why? Who doesn’t want to hear: “For nobody else gave me a thrill With all your faults I loved you still” Everyone wants to be themselves, faults and all, and still be adored.

Kiera Scholten | Writer | “Love Letter to Japan” by The Bird and the Bee. Why? If your valentine is far away, send them this love letter from Seattle! And they’ll surely return to you eventually, just as the cherry blossoms do every spring.

Erik Simkins | Photo Editor | “I Can’t Wait for Your Love” by Lyrics Born. Why? Can’t give a reason; I’m bad with words. Maybe that’s why I like this song — it’s hilariously spot-on and super smooth. Nearly frictionless. Wooo physics!

Kelly Skahan | Writer | “Hurricane Drunk” by Florence and The Machine. Why? Because when Valentine’s Day doesn’t go quite the way you’d planned, you should deal with the situation in the most mature, responsible way possible: with plenty of mixed drinks.

Kara Tiernan | Writer | “Love in a Strange World” by MadRad. Why? These Seattleites deserve some recognition for their unfiltered lyrics, and appreciation for blending rap with hipster house. Kudos boys.

Christie Vandyke | Writer | “All You Need Is Love” by The Beatles. Why? It’s true. And besides, it has a great beat.

Jane Yuan | Publisher | “100 Yard Dash” by Raphael Saadiq. Why? This song will make you want to move and groove with your Valentine, check out the video and you’ll be hooked. Don’t miss his show at the Showbox on April 13th!