March Foodie Madness: Best Happy Hour, Boka

Boka restaurant Photo: Jon Meyer
Boka restaurant
Photo: Jon Meyer

WHERE: BOKA | 1010 First Ave., Seattle WA | (206) 357-9000

CRAVE FACTOR: Hotel 1000 is sheik. The eatery tied to it, Boka, follows suit. The dark lounge located street side of First Avenue is intimate and ever-changing, most notably due to a back wall and bar that is constantly spanning colors of the rainbow. The crystalline bamboo can easily be mistaken for stalactites, further confusing you into thinking that you’re in some kind of translucent cave. But isn’t that how a good bar/lounge makes one feel? If I wanted to be drinking in a well lit area I would go to the library.

Down to business. Boka offers adventuresome cocktails (non-cave themed) and a lineup of food in $3, $6 and $9 segments. The steel in the lower level is easily the mac-and-cheese topped with Rogue River aged cheddar. Being corndog obsessed, I’m familiar with deli prices, and $3 for a half pound of Boka’s M and C is by far a better deal than QFC’s. Delving into the $6 level, the can’t-miss item is the goat cheese with roasted tomatoes and flatbread. Goat cheese. There, I said it — again. Finally, the $9 roundabout easily offers the most enticing options, but what to do? Believing there to be a ceiling on burgers and oysters, I opted for the fish tacos and lamb sandwiches. The golden raisin relish pushed the well-adjusted, potato rolled bites to the top of my palette while the dryness of the fish tacos gave me satisfaction, but wanting a bit more.

It was the second time I had been to Boka. Being a downtown dweller, it is now firmly on my map for a unique atmosphere where quality food and drink can be had at ultra-reasonable prices.

FAST FACT: Happy hour and golf? Sign us up. After a few rounds at the bar, head to Hotel 1000’s Golf Club for a virtual round of golf on some of the world’s best courses. Reservations recommended.