Health and Beauty Remedies Straight from Bangkok to Bell Square

Photo: Harnn Aromatheraphy

We’re hooked. Harnn Aromatherapy made its US debut in November, but we can’t get enough. Nor should you.

Photo: Harnn Aromatherapy

When you walk into Harnn Aromatherapy Temple in Bell Square, you feel as if you’re stepping inside an elegantly designed Tea House, shipped directly from Bangkok. Two orange and turquoise birdcages hang at the arched opening just above the products meticulously displayed on tables trimmed in plum tassels, and the eluding scents of lavender and lemongrass fill the room.

The tranquil ambience of the store is identical among each of its locations worldwide, and when the very first US storefront opened in Bellevue Square, all the lighting, shelving and décor was shipped from Thailand. Everything except the tiled floor is Thai, even the intricate gift-wrapped boxes, doting distinct architectural inspiration.

Bellevue’s best seller since its November opening has been the black rice soap, a natural soap made with vegetable oils, natural herbs, spices and grains for distinct fragrances and textures. The bars have a higher percentage of fat in the product to create a milder and more moisturizing soap than the average drug-store-bought brands.

Elsewhere, Harnn is celebrated for its Jasmine collection, one of the most treasured blossoms throughout Asia (the flower symbolizes the purity of a mother’s love for her child). The sensuous, rich aroma of Jasmine is said to be cleansing, uplifting and purifying and Harnn’s collection includes body oil spray, hair and body shampoo, body moisturizers and scrubs, among other items. There’s also an extensive skincare collection meant to “restore skin’s youth” using chamomile, water lily and other not-quite-standard ingredients, all integrating Asian remedies passed down for generations.

For a take-home-spa experience, purchase any of Harnn’s massage oils, bath salts or herbal compresses. And for year-round gift giving, choose among their herbal teas, aromatherapy candles, a men’s line, and even a shoe detoxifier (designed to bring life back to your far-from-pleasant footwear).

In need of a soothing, relaxing experience at home this weekend? Harnn might have just the ticket.