March Foodie Madness: Best Worldly Fare, Golden Beetle

Photo: Golden Beetle
Photo: Golden Beetle

WHERE: Golden Beetle | 1744 NW Market St., Seattle | (206) 706-2977

THE BUZZ: What would I do if I was a James Beard award-winning chef, floating atop the culinary world? Sleep? Ponder life? Racquet ball? Maria Hines, owner and executive chef of Golden Beetle (and JB winner) had a pretty good idea, and that was travel the Eastern Mediterranean provinces in search of her new menu. I guess that’s a pretty good idea too.

Travels complete, menu set, restaurant opened, Golden Beetle represents everything Maria experienced along the way. Plates range from small to large, but what is consistent is a certain level of seasoning and quality. The broth hosting snails, aromatic. The spice of the chicken wings, authentic. The homeliness of the fava bean stew, heartwarming. The richness of the Oxbow Farm carrot soup, not too carroty.

The drink menu is no slouch either, complete with a mojito-ish cocktail (the Rainer Smash) featuring Jim Beam and Rainer, the remains of which are placed neatly aside. I sipped happily until the end, avoiding straw clogging mint with each refill from my tall boy. Naturally, both food and drink are sourced as much as possible from local purveyors to keep the foodies happy and the farmers flush.

After checking in, it seems Maria has it under control, leaving the rest of us ample time to continue pondering our post JB award-winning adventures. Mine’s easy– to keep eating at Golden Beetle.

FUN FACT: Golden Beetle’s late night menu is spectacular as well, and it’s one of the few restaurants in Seattle serving good late night eats. Of course, their happy hour isn’t too shabby either.