Seattle’s Moisture Festival Rides High Once Again

Moisture Festival Indigo Blue. Photo: Mark Gardiner

Watch acts float with the greatest of ease on the flying trapeze.

Right about the time the average Seattle resident reaches his or her peak of lamenting the long, gray days and torrential down pours, we begin to fanaticize about packing up, moving to Jamaica and selling sandals on the beach. You’re right there with me, aren’t you?


Moisture Festival
Indigo Blue. Photo: Mark Gardiner


Then, when we can no longer take it, we are reminded that spring must be close because Seattle’s annual Moisture Festival kicks in and at least laughs and happiness (if not blue sky and heat) come to town. While you can’t extract any warmth from the festival itself, there are enough hot acts to definitely raise your body temperature.

You can feel the heat at the racier burlesque shows or take it down a few notches by checking out the more family friendly vaudeville acts. Each show — taking place weekends and Wednesdays now until April 10th has a live band followed by local acts. Performers include aerial teams, cabaret and trapeze acts. Tickets are reasonably priced and the location is that flat Fremont-but-not-quite-Ballard area by Fred Meyers — also known as Hales Ales. All web-footed, moss-covered locals are encouraged to warm up, dry out and attend.

Moisture Festival, running now through April 10.