Spring Sips: Get A Grip on These Vodka Cocktails

Photo: Rashawd Willett

Pearl Vodka’s newest flavors have launched at Bradley and Mikel’s Pearl Bar.

Spring is in the air in Seattle; the cherry blossoms are in full swing and that big, round yellow thing in the sky has made an appearance a few times. By my watch, this means it’s time to put the heavy liquors back on the shelf. So I recently headed into Pearl Bar & Dining in Bellevue to try one (OK three) of Pearl Vodka’s newest flavors.

Photo: Rashawd Willett

If you find yourself jonesing for a light, cool, crisp and refreshing cocktail on a sunny day, then you must try the Cucumber Kamakazi. Made with Pearl Cucumber Vodka, triple sec, sweet & sour and fresh lime juice it delivers just a hint of cucumber flavor without making you feel as if you’re drinking from a vegetable garden.

Pearl’s Flirtini is the perfect drink when gathering the ladies (or gents — we don’t judge) for a much needed mid-week happy hour. A blend of Pearl Pomegranate Vodka, Champagne and a splash of pomegranate juice, this fruity drink left me feeling all Sex and the City’ish.

Caramel vodka? It’s hard to imagine a drink based with caramel vodka that won’t put me in sugar overload. But Pearl somehow pulls it off with the Caramel Zing: Pearl Caramel Vodka, ginger ale and fresh lime. I enjoyed this drink, but it’s one you just have to try for yourself. For I sipped my way to the bottom and was still at a loss for descriptive words. And that was a good thing.