Dress Your Walls: Jennifer Ament’s Pretty Prints

Photo: Erik Simkins

Her finger nails might say otherwise but once the hand-pressed linoleum cut prints make their way into vintage frames it’s easy to see why artist Jennifer Ament loves what she does.

Photo: Erik Simkins

A Seattle dweller for the past 25 years, Ament began her career in the arts at the age of 12 attending art fairs and classes at school in Colorado. But it was not until a few years ago that Ament continued her studies at Pratt Fine Arts Center and Gage Academy of Art and took the plunge to begin selling her work at home-goods stores around Seattle.

“Once I took a couple of art classes, getting back into it I knew right away I wanted to do this,” Ament says. “I got good feedback from the teachers and started approaching stores with my lino-cuts, it was amazing.”

The stark and moody linoleum cut prints start their lives as illustrated images that then go through a labor intensive process that involves tracing over with ink, cutting out the images and hand pressing them onto linoleum — among many other nips and tucks to achieve perfection. Because Ament doesn’t use any machines or presses, every print is unique and truly contains a piece of the artist.

Photo: Erik Simkins

“It takes me days to figure out how I want it to look eventually. It’s constantly evolving in the whole process,” she says.

Ament’s tried-and-true process proves that every piece created stands the test of time. Even the vintage frames have a story of their own. Each one is scouted and hand selected by Ament herself to compliment the linoleum cut-print.

“I love putting out things that will be around forever,” she says.

Photo: Erik Simkins

Another one of the artist’s loves is finding inspiration from the natural world, especially the Northwest  —  Lincoln Park to be exact.

“That’s where a lot of my inspiration comes from,” she says.

She also finds inspiration from the 60s and 70s, pop art, 1800s art and animal drawings.

“I love doing all kinds of things that I think are unusual and almost juxtaposed, something that is unusually put together.”

When Ament is not in her studio creating prints or gaining inspiration, she is busy being the author of Art & Lair, a blog where she shares “art and homes that are as unique as the person living there.”

“I want to show what I love and what is beautiful,” she says.