March Foodie Madness: Best Sweet Spots, Dilettante Mocha Martini Bar

Photo: Erik Simkins
Photo: Erik Simkins

WHERE: Dilettante Mocha Martini Bar | 538 Broadway Ave East, Seattle | (206) 329-6463

CRAVE FACTORChocolate Martinis. ‘Nough said. Hardened chocolate grips the inside of a Chocolate Truffle Martini glass. Dilettante bartenders hit mocha martini customers from top, middle and bottom. Sweet till the last sip, chocolate lovers receive a sugary cocoa powder or a sea-salty cocoa rim with every chocolate martini.

But watch out, 5 p.m. marks Dilettante’s busiest, happiest hour. And, as much as bartenders would love to coat every glass in Guittard Chocolate, experience promotes waiting for 7 p.m., when the happy hour crowd thins out.

After crowds have subsided, Dilettante Mocha Martini Bar transforms into an ideal first-date hang out. Couples can pair rich, dark chocolates with a deep raspberry port, or ask any waiter for a recommendation. Chances are every employee of Dilettante has a favorite combination. Regulars do their own pairing in taking to the window seats with a newspaper, Chocolate Rendezvous cake and coffee. Those who attend the Saturday morning brunch might pair a Mimosa with Strawberry Jubilee.

Dilettante Mocha Martini Bar is known for amazing flavors that adjust to perfection in your mouth, in your beverage or on your plate. And although women stereotypically crave chocolate, the Dilettante staff will tell you men enjoy a Mint Kiss Martini just as much as she does.

FAST FACTDilettante has a full bar, a full dinner menu and a complete brunch on Saturday mornings from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. If you’re looking for signature drinks, the best time to visit the shop is right at happy hour.