Glenfiddich Brings a Little Scottish Flavor to the Emerald City

Classic Scotch Brand Unveils “Cask of Dreams” for Seattleites.

Any whiskey aficionado can tell you the name ‘Glenfiddich’ is synonymous with good scotch. The eminent single malt label has been classing up joints all over the world since the 15th century, and just recently, three Glenfiddich ambassadors paid Seattleites a visit.

Photo: Glenfiddich's "Cask of Dreams"

Heather Greene, Freddy May and Mitch Bechard came to our town as part of the “Cask of Dreams” campaign. Glenfiddich is sending this trio of spirited envoys across the country to – literally – roll Scotch whisky barrels through the streets of America’s most prominent cities. Along the way, local residents are allowed – nay, encouraged – to inscribe their ‘hopes and dreams’ on the side using a magic marker. While visiting Seattle, the cask was rolled past the Space Needle and through Pike Place Market.

Naturally, when the rolling had concluded, Glenfiddich hosted a get-together at the Columbia Tower Club – and a few Seattleite staff members were in attendance. The event gave guests a chance to speak with the Glenfiddich Ambassadors about the distillation process of the most awarded Scotch whisky in history. Of course, there was a little “tasting,” as well.

Three Glenfiddichs were available for sampling at the party, the centerpiece being a 30-year old single malt that was simply perfect. The 15-year old single malt was also delicious, yet distinct in flavor from its older counterpart. There was also a 12-year old blend that would make even the snobbiest Scotch drinker lick his lips and say, “mm hmm.” Or “aye,” if you will.

For more information on Glenfiddich’s “Cask of Dreams,” visit the program’s official site.