Reinventing (and Improving) the Bonfire

Introducing a new portable fireplace that’s both stylish and eco-friendly.

Most Seattleites know the drill for warm, rainless summer nights: grab a few of your close friends, fill the cooler with ice and beer, pick up the fixins for some delectable Nutella s’mores and head over to your preferred waterfront spot for a good ol’ fashioned bonfire. 

Photo: EcoSmart Fire STIX 2011

Well, if you choose to toast your mallows on an EcoSmart Fire STIX this summer, it’s not exactly ol’ fashioned, but don’t worry — that’s a good thing. This outdoor fireplace is powered by clean-burning liquid bioethanol, a renewable fuel source.

This portable bonfire not only helps the planet, but also keeps you nice and cozy. The ‘sticks’ are made from stainless steel, and house a lightweight AB3 burner that holds a flame long into the night using just three liters of fuel. Best of all, the Fire STIX design is modeled after a traditional fireplace. The result is attractive, state-of-the-art and safe.

This product is the brainchild of Hiroshi Tsunoda Design Studio, and recently won the Australian International Design Award. Keep your eyes out for the Fire STIX this summer — and let the good times roll.