Paperhaus: Introducing Style To Your Workspace

This Belltown office supplier is chock-full of folders, covers and writing utensils – and there isn’t a dull one in the whole bunch.

It’s hard to walk by Paperhaus on First Avenue and not gawk at the modular desk sets, ultramodern furniture, stylish personal accessories and vast collection of hand-held implements. With design and functionality in mind, Seattleite picked some of our favorite pieces to complement your office space, whether it’s downtown or in your guest bedroom.

Photo: Paperhaus; Moleskine Notebook

Moleskine: Sometimes we find it a little more satisfying to write things down – ideas, dates, things to remember, etc. Of course, if we’re going to do it, we’ll do it right with a Moleskine notebook or day planner. They’re useful and versatile, and the pages are lightweight. Paperhaus carries a wide range of Moleskines, from pocket pads to large folios. We particularly liked the simple lined notebooks.


Photo: Paperhaus; Nava Design How Box

Nava Designs: We like to stay up-to-date on current events, and we know that print media is still a relevant source of information. We wanted a great way to store our ‘zines that was clean, simple and organized. Matt from Paperhaus clued us in to the How Box, which offers organization at the next level. No more dusty magazines on our desk – this set snaps together, keeping all your magazines, catalogs and comics in pristine, unfettered condition.


Photo: Paperhaus; LAMY Pico Ballpoint Pen (left) and AL-Star Fountain Pen (right).

LAMY: Paperhaus has more writing utensils than you can shake a stick at. We liked the LAMY pens best, thanks to their unconventionally sleek design and high marks for writing without leaving behind any smears or smudges. We couldn’t decide between their Pico Ballpoint or their AL-Star Fountain; so, we settled for one of each.


Photo: Paperhaus; Rexite Doppiopetto Coat Stand

Rexite: This metal product supplier manufactures everything from swivel chairs to aluminum pencil cups, but we were keenest on their Doppiopetto Coat Stand. It’s structurally sound, for one; though the stand only weighs 10 pounds, the steel frame and floor-protective rubber trim keep it balanced and upright. It’s also nice to look at, thanks to the exquisite topside design. Coats sold separately.


There are plenty of other fun office goodies available at Paperhaus, from the Pina Zangaro Bamboo Screwpost Portfolio Cover to the award-winning Metaphys Pen. The list goes on and on, so suffice it to say that if you’re a design fanatic in need of some new office implements, then consider the Paperhaus staff your new best friends.

Paperhaus | 2008 1st Avenue | Seattle | (206) 374-8566