Luxurious Interior Decor From Master Craftsmen

Seattle Stair & Design is led by homegrown innovator Shawn Christman.

Most people take staircases, steps, rails and bannisters for granted. We go up and we go down, without taking much notice of things like materials or aesthetic.

Seattle’s own Shawn Christman has a different eye for this sort of thing. He founded Seattle Stair & Design in 1978. Since then, the company has designed some of the most elegant stairways in the city — and abroad.

These eye-catching architectural marvels are designed by the company’s team of craftsmen, many of whom are students from the legendary Compagnon woodworker’s guild of Europe. In 2004, Christman became the first North American stairmaker approved by this elite group to train their apprentices and masters.

Since the company was founded, SS&D has designed stairways for a number of notable local clients, including Barney’s New York (located at 6th Ave. and Pine St.) and the Bellevue Hyatt. Additionally, the renderings of Christman and his team have appeared in Hawaiian beachfront homes, luxurious Rocky Mountain resorts and penthouses in downtown Tokyo.

Arguably the company’s most notable innovation is their commitment to eco-friendliness. Whether a client desires stairs made from tropical imported wood or a species indigenous to the Northwest, the utmost care is taken to ensure the trees are planted, grown and replaced responsibly, in accordance with the Forest Stewardship Council. In many cases, a single tree is used to construct these elaborate stairways; if there is scrap material left over, it is donated to local woodworkers and artisans.

For more information about Seattle Stair & Design, the company’s history and an extensive photo gallery, please visit them online.

Seattle Stair & Design |  3810 4th Ave. South , Seattle  |  (206) 587-5354