Alphabrass Tables: The Past And Present Collide

Photo: Ladies & Gentlemen Studios, Alphabrass Side Tables

Ladies & Gentlemen Studio releases a new design that borrows from old-school home furnishings.

Brass table lamps should be familiar to anyone aged 25-40 that has spent significant time at their grandparents’ home. These antiquated relics were fixtures of our collective generation’s childhood, right along with floral print couches and popcorn ceilings. What, did you think your Nana had the only one?

Photo: Ladies & Gentlemen Studios, Alphabrass Side Tables

Now, Ladies & Gentlemen Studio has unveiled the Alphabrass Side Table, which once again incorporates the brass lamp motif – but this time, it’s exquisitely eye-catching. These vintage-inspired designs effectively re-imagine an old-fashioned style for contemporary home decorators. The circular tabletop measures at 14 1/2 inches, and is available in black paperstone, white oak or walnut designs.

Best of all, each Alphabrass Side Table is unique. The height is specifically configured to the module of the original lamp, so no two models are alike. These items cost $400; visit L&G’s on-line store for more information.