A New Take on the Classic Candle

Photo: Flicker Candles by Duo Holland Design

Complete your dining room table setting with Flickers.

We all love the look and smell of candles — almost as much as we hate the sticky mess left behind by candle wax. Thankfully, Duo Design Holland has given us Flicker, a candle that not only burns cleanly without producing residue — but also looks sleek and elegant while doing so. 

Photo: Flicker Candles by Duo Holland Design

Flicker debuted at the Maison et Objet Fall Show in Paris a couple of years ago and has since become  quite popular in its native Europe. Rather than wax, this candle consists of a wick strand that is encased in stainless steel; also included in the set is a glass container with cover. To use it, simply fill one-third of the container with oil, insert up to three Flicker candles and strike a match. The durable wick allows each candle to glow for more than 100 hours, and the metal cover effectively masks the smell of burning oil.

At less than $30 for a set of three, Flickers are available for purchase from Questo Design.