Bamboo Wall Panels: Home Decor For Busybodies

Photo: Bamboo Dry Eras Wall Panel from Three By Three Design

Three by Three Seattle’s newest model provides organization and style.

Keys, invitations, grocery lists, to-do lists and so on; for Seattleites with busy lifestyles, keeping track of the essentials in our lives can be a difficult task. Thanks to the Channel Bamboo Wall Panels from Three by Three Seattle, we can stay organized without sacrificing points for style.

Photo: Three By Three Design

With its patent currently pending, this handy accessory has already stirred up a craze among consumers. This versatile wall panel is outfitted with a dry-erase writable surface and two slots with accompanying hooks, which can be used to hang just about anything. While the functionality is marvelous, its sleek design is what makes this item so compelling. Unlike traditional whiteboards, the bamboo panels accentuate interior décor in a refreshingly chic way.

Currently, Three by Three Seattle offers a  line of home, office and school products including desk and wall organizers, bulletin boards, magnets, frames and  bookmarks. The company has been featured in dozens of magazines and has created custom promotional products for clients such as Nike, W Hotels, Bravo Networks and Starbucks.

The Channel Bamboo Wall Panels are available in large (31.5 x 15.75 in.) or small (23.5 x 11.5 in.) sizes, with fun accessories included. Price varies on the selected model.

Three by Three Seattle |  3668 Albion Place N., Seattle  |  (206) 784 – 5839