Sexy Food: The Great Outdoors

Photo: Linda Miller Nicholson

Summer to-do’s: Hit the beach, eat some goodies, drink fine wine, maybe get naked.

It’s that time of year again, Seattle (well, almost). Time to fill our trunks with wicker baskets, Pendleton blankets and a couple bottles of rosé and head to the nearby shore. Once there, some of us will board our boats for a sexy sail on the Sound, while others compete with seagulls for a spot on one of Lake Washington’s sandy beaches.

Photo: Linda Miller Nicholson

The need to recreate is so strong among Seattleites because the endless gray of winter dampens everything from our spirits to our libidos. In spring, more than just sleeping calls for a wake up, if you know what I mean. Since the season is so short, multitasking is key. In order to have maximum time to take advantage of the weather, it’s important that we learn to do everything under the sun. Our picnics and sailscursions must be cleverly planned so as to prepare for anything that may arise, such as thunder, snow or a sudden fire in the loins that can only be quenched by a dip in the cool water.

Food is elemental to this multitasking. If you don’t want to be stuck with Dorito breath the time you finally lure your hot office manager out for a sunset sail, consider packing mood-inducing snacks like prosciutto-wrapped peaches. They couldn’t be easier- just wrap peach slices in prosciutto and grill or pan sear for a minute or two on each side. They are portable, won’t make a mess on your D&G swimming briefs and best of all — they are very, very good when washed down with a kiss.

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One lesson you should never forget when frolicking in the sand is that liquid lubrication makes everything better. Wine is a fine way to make things glide, and rosé is the official wine of Seattle Summer 2011. Look for pre-chilled bottles with screwtops (no stigma here, I promise!) from lakeside grocers like Leschi Market, located near the Leschi Marina on Lake Washington. This cozy grocery store is equipped with an entire aisle devoted to wine — their priorities are definitely aligned with you having a great time.

On Friday and Saturday evenings, Leschi Market also sells takeout prime rib. Can you think of a better way to impress a date than a prime rib feast al fresco? It’s a good thing the indecent exposure police aren’t too strict in Seattle, because after a dinner like that it’s almost a guarantee that you’ll be naked under the stars.

If you really want to spice up the picnic season, consider themed affairs. A Mad Hatter’s Tea Party provides everyone with a good excuse to embody the nubile Alice and join in the bacchanal. Cucumber sandwiches and Lillet cocktails will get all you lovers in the mood to peel away from the group for a romp in the woods with the haughty, naughty Queen of Hearts. Seward Park is a perfect place to act out your Alice fantasies. There is water everywhere and shores abound, but should the urgent need for privacy strike, an urban forest is a mere few steps away. Just be careful not to have a lie-in on a patch of Poison Oak — itchy bums do not make for sexy bums.

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