Inside The Creative Mind Of Weston Jandacka

Photo: Weston Jandacka

From miniature Zeppelins to graphic design, this Seattle native does it all.

Here’s a strange question: what do ceramic bears, miniature models of buildings and a foam deer have in common? The answer, of course, is that they all share a “living” space in Ravenna with their creator, artist Weston Jandacka.

"Sail Boat No. 2"; Photo: Weston Jandacka

Born in 1981, the Seattle native studied European history and literature at the University of Washington but ultimately left the school five years ago. Since then, he has devoted his life to travel, reading and creating art that is imbued with his own unusually inventive style.

“I’m inspired by the places I travel and the books I read,” Jandacka said. “I wouldn’t say I ever specifically use Seattle for pieces, but I am certainly influenced by my surroundings.  Elements of the city’s architecture and the regions environment have worked their way into my art.”

A jack-of-all-trades when it comes to creative medium, Jandacka’s body of work includes drawing, photography, ceramics, three-dimensional models and electronics. This eclectic assortment of projects leaves the artist with a great need for supplies.

“Because I work in a myriad of mediums,” he said, “my supplies come from an assortment of stores. I tend to frequent Dick Blick on Cap Hill, Artist and Craftsman Supply on 45th and the UW Bookstore. I always get a funny look walking out with 20 cans of insulation foam.”

Photo: Weston Jandacka

In addition to his artistic renderings, Jandacka is also a published author. In 2009, he co-wrote the book he says, she says with friend and colleague Steph Kese.

“At the time I had been making images by photographing arranged drawings,” he explained. “Steph saw my work and asked if I would want to collaborate with her.  She wrote the story and I did the drawings. Together, we directed the models that the drawings were based on and arranged the scenes that became the images for the book.”

In 2010, Jandacka’s diverse range of talents earned him solo exhibitions at two Seattle locations – Northwest Fine Woodworking and La Familia Gallery. In years past, his work has been showcased by a number of other local galleries, such as Canvas Gallery and Blank Space, as well as Gallery Golden Point in Finland. His pieces have also found a home in some of the city’s eateries and watering holes — Cupcake Royale, Pies and Pints and Collins Pub, to name a few.

His next solo exhibition begins on August 4, when Core Gallery in Pioneer Square will feature a handful of what the artist describes as “mixed media and sculpture-based” pieces. This location previously showcased Jandacka’s three-dimensional piece, “Connected Isolation,” as part of their Core Sample exhibit that premiered last January.

If your curiosity has been sufficiently piqued, feel free to visit Jandacka’s Web site to view some of his past artistic works. For more information about his upcoming exhibition, please contact Core Gallery at (206) 467-4444.