Green Lights: Eco-Friendly Illuminators

Paper Tube Light

These inventive lamps allow consumers to save energy and pocket money.

Traditionally, Seattleites are both environmentally conscientious and well-read — which is a nice way of saying we’re a bunch of dorky tree-huggers. We are who we are, no apology required. In fact, we should revel in our hippie intellect, and one way to do so is with these Earth-friendly reading lights. You’ll do your part to save the world as you learn about it — all while drastically reducing your electricity bill.

The Conflux Lamp

The Conflux Lamp by Teknion

Designed by Carl Magnusson, the adjustable Conflux Lamp is designed to conserve. Using a Passive Infrared sensor, the lamp will turn itself off once human body heat is no longer detected within its lighting space. Plus, the light looks great — its lithe frame and angular structure will fashionably fit within any workspace. Coolest of all, this lamp is outfitted with a Power Mat, which allows you to charge your iPod, Smartphone or other portable device simply by resting it on the base (as long you have an adapter).

Paper Tube Light

Paper Tube Light by Ruth Oh

Your eyes aren’t deceiving you. The lamp pictured above is made from light bulbs and cardboard — that’s it. Designer Ruth Oh simply cut a series of thin strips out of a standard cardboard tube, and then inserted a low-wattage bulb (to ensure the interior doesn’t get too hot). Soft light shines out through the openings, allowing maximum glow from these minimalist models.

Recycled Coffee Stirrer Lamp

Recycled Coffee Stirrer Lamp by Studio Verissimo

Here in the Emerald City, we know coffee — which means we know coffee accessories, such as sleeves, straws and those little plastic stirrers. Studio Verissimo has found an inventive way to utilize the latter in a non-beverage related context. Since plastic refracts light much like crystal does, designers have assembled hundreds of these throwaway items into a stunning translucent chandelier. Here’s a fun party game: see how long it takes your guests to realize the true nature of your new dining room addition.