Sexy Food: The Nudie Foodies

Charitably immodest food bloggers peel for Japan.

The citizens of our planet face tragedy every day — and yet, when the earthquake and subsequent tsunami hit Japan last March, I was devastated beyond anything I’d felt since 9/11. For days, I wondered how I could help beyond the usual means, until a flash of brilliance struck. I thought to myself, What Would Lady Gaga Do (WWLGD) and the answer revealed itself: get naked.

Armed with a vision to donate 100% of profits from the sale of a book involving nudity to a charity benefitting Japan — along with some food, as well — I set out to hone the idea into what is now a full-color book that features recipes and pinup-style photos of 18 food bloggers from across the world. The cheeky book is called The Nudie Foodies: Food Bloggers Peel for Japan, and it’s the very definition of good clean fun.

I was a little surprised to witness the willingness to strip down in print, but I am sure the reason for the overwhelming response is because it’s for charity, right? Not a day goes by without me receiving an e-mail from someone asking if they can get in on the project, so, while it’s too late for this version, plans for new issues are already in the works.

The recipes are as knockout as the photos, which by the way, ARE safe for work as long as you don’t work at a Disney-owned daycare. Think more Calendar Girls and less Penthouse Pet. Men and women bloggers alike, from the U.S., U.K. and Canada, stripped down and cleverly covered their bits with everything from fruit to spatulas to pies, all in the name of charity.

Photo: Linda Miller Nicholson

I opted for strategic placement of bananas in my picture, since my recipe is for “Elvis Ice Cream” –an ice cream-adaptation of The King’s favorite sandwich: peanut butter, banana and bacon. I also did a little Easter promotion of the project, whereby I designed and wore a bikini made entirely from Peeps candies. Sneak peeks of my feature as well as features from some of the other Nudie Foodies are available at the group’s official Web site, where the book will be available for purchase in approximately two weeks.

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