Portel: Be Cool With An iWallet

A creative new wallet that’s as stylish as it is useful.

We are all guilty of spending way too much time digging through our bags or patting down our pockets trying to locate our iPhone, I.D., cash and all our other vital necessities. Here’s a thought: why don’t we make it a little easier on ourselves — as well as the irritated people behind us in the airport security line — and combine these items together?

Introducing Portel, a sleek leather wallet with a built-in home for the iPhone and many of our umpteen items and accessories. This wallet is made out of soft, genuine leather and comes in pearl, green, dark brown or red leather — perfect for any smart and savvy traveler.

Portel iPhone Retro Modern Leather Wallet Sleeve | $79 – $149 | available at Etsy