What’s Cookin’: Fairmont Lifestyle Cuisine Plus

A new wave in hospitality makes it easier to eat healthy on the road.

Move over continental breakfast, because Fairmont Hotels and Resorts are bringing far tastier options to the plate.

Gone are the days when hotel-goers were forced to munch on mini boxes of corn flakes — cleverly saved from breakfast — while traveling because of a lack of healthy options or choices that met your dietary needs or restrictions.

“I’ll have a salad, just the greens, leave that gross avocado, bacon, crispy chicken and candied pecans stuff out … Dressing on the side.” We have one word for you: boring.

Enter the Fairmont Lifestyle Cuisine Plus, a new offering from our very own Fairmont Olympic Hotel, which provides an incredible array of healthy and nutritious options that are as wholesome and guilt-free as they are delicious and packed with flavor

Menu items are created using local food products and reflect the style and popular cuisine of the area where you’re staying — visitors to Seattle, for example, can snag Free Range Chicken with Quinoa.

As an added bonus, guests will not only enjoy these meals at the restaurant, bar, or in-room — but in their own homes as well by stopping by Fairmont’s Web site for the recipes. Apparently what happens at the Fairmont doesn’t stay at the Fairmont — in the best possible way.

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