Healthy Quenchers: Drinks For An Active Lifestyle

Summer wellness drinks for healthy bodies.

As the temperature rises in the Pacific Northwest, health-conscious Seattleites are seeking out refreshing alternatives to traditional H20. Seattleite has vetted a few summer quenchers that won’t expand your waistband.

Sports Energy

To stay hydrated during your workout, look no further than Seattle-based Golazo to keep you on top of your game, no matter what sport you fancy. This all-natural sports energy drink with light carbonation and a mango-lime flavor is not your typical pick-me-up. With only 90 calories and a mere 10 calories in their sugar-free option, Golazo has 40 percent less sugar and calories than the alternatives and offers as much hydration per fluid ounce as Gatorade and the energy of leading drinks.

Golazo | $14.99 (6 pack) | available at Whole Foods, QFC and Golazo

Vitamin Dose

If you’re worried that you’re not getting enough vitamins, check out Activate — a drink that cleverly hides vitamins in the lid for a fresh boost. Offered in several different exotic flavors like Lulo Pear, Blueberry Pomegranate and Passion Fruit, these zero-calorie drinks are perfect for those seeking an extra boost of energy or deionized water.

Activate | $28.68 (12 pack) | available at QFC and

Antioxidant Shot

For Seattleites looking to add some antioxidants to their diet, KonaRed has created a natural antioxidant juice made from the fruit of the world-renowned coffee plant. This wellness drink has a high content of nutrients that help prevent disease, delay aging and provide energy. Blended with pineapples, apples and raspberries, this juice has no added sugar, caffeine or preservatives.

KonaRed | $55.95 (12 pack) | available at

Nutritious Elixir

Zico Chocolate Coconut is packed with nutrition. A good source of iron, magnesium, electrolytes, and even a whopping 20 percent more potassium than their other flavors, Zico Chocolate boasts 114 calories per bottle with 32 percent less sugar than many other fruit-flavored coconut waters.

Zico | $24.02 (12 pack) | available at