i9 Sports: Balancing Fun, Safety And Convenience

New youth organization provides opportunities for Puget Sound kiddos.

It’s a sign of the times that the term “budget cuts” has become part of our daily vocabulary. On a school district level, physical education and extracurricular sports budgets are typically the first programs to be downsized. What’s worse, the same pinch is felt in our city’s Department of Parks and Recreation.

Fortunately, a new youth sports movement has sprouted up in the Puget Sound area. Originally based in Tampa, Fla., i9 Sports provides a safe, convenient and affordable alternative to these programs that are facing financial strain.

“We have created an exciting new model for youth sports that resonates with families who are tired of the uncertainty of school sports and the all-or-nothing culture of competition our children are often thrown into,” says Brian Sanders, president and CEO of i9 Sports. “Kids shouldn’t have to wonder if there will even be a school team or if they’ll make that school team. We give everyone a chance to play because there is much more to gain from sports than just winning.”

The name i9 Sports is derived from nine symbolic adjectives — all beginning with the letter I: imaginative, innovative, interactive, integrity-driven, impassioned, inspirational, instructional, insightful and inclusive.

 i9 Sports offers many of the same sports as schools and recreation departments, such as basketball, soccer, flag football and baseball. The organization also has camps located throughout the Puget Sound region. Practices and games are held once a week at the same time.

Every child not only makes the team, but also spends an equal amount of time on the field. After each contest, one participant is awarded a sportsmanship award for exemplifying great conduct with their teammates. Parents sign a pledge agreeing to be good sports, as well — so any obnoxious yelling from the bleachers is strictly forbidden.

At i9 Sports, promoting a healthy, fun and affordable environment for today’s youth  comes first — while winning places a distant second.

i9 Sports, Puget Sound | 25636 SE Tiger Mtn Road, Issaquah, | (877) 475-2949