Summer Skin Wellness Indulgences

Pamper your skin with these organic and luscious new products.

We found some innovative skincare lines that combine refreshing natural ingredients with philosophies focused on creating healthy and wholesome products that nourish your body from the outside in. Organic herbs, oils and juices set these brands apart and make their products essential for maintaining beautiful, glowing skin during dry summer months.

80 Acres Body Care from McEvoy Ranch

This innovative line of products is infused with high-quality extra virgin olive oil, produced by McEvoy Ranch’s bountiful olive orchards. Their newest scent, Blood Orange, combines subtle citrus notes with wild jasmine. This body balm and hand/body lotion provides rich, luxurious moisture that will protect and heal chapped skin all summer long.

Body Balm and Hand and Body Lotion | $22 and $25 | available at McEvoy Ranch

Polish and Exfoliate with Three Whishes Sugar Scrub

Dry summer skin needs an efficient and fast-acting antidote. Whish Body Care uses organic ingredients such as aloe, raspberry and shea butter, marigold and rice bran oil — which not only smell delicious, but are also extremely effective and naturally moisturizing. Three Whishes Sugar Scrub will leave your skin feeling soft, smooth and polished without all of the greasy oils of the average scrub.

Three Whishes Sugar Scrub | $38 | available at Whish

Yüm Gourmet Skincare

This line of skincare products uses highly concentrated organic ingredients that are expertly processed to extract the most beneficial and significant health benefits for your skin. Every ingredient is carefully chosen for its purity and freshness — and with fabulous and exotic choices such as Amazonian Fruit Butter and Bamboo Powder, no inch of skin (or scent preference) is left un-pampered. Try a travel kit to sample a variety of Yüm’s delicious products. Each kit contains a cleanser, toner, exfoliant, serum, masque, moisturizer and eye product that are specifically formulated for your skin type.

Yüm Travel Kit | $65 | available at Yüm