A Dirty Recap of Last Weekend’s Warrior Dash

For extreme sports enthusiasts — here’s a low down on the run down.

Last weekend, Meadowbrook Farms in North Bend hosted the annual Warrior Dash. This rugged, harsh and, at times, downright brutal race is not for the faint of heart — but it sure is entertaining to watch.

Photo by Ashley Genevieve

The dash includes an intense obstacle course, in which participants must crawl through thick mud, climb over barricades, scrape under barbed wire and leap over fire. No worries, though — all contestants are rewarded for their blood, sweat and tears with a souvenir warrior helmet, T-shirt, and a refreshing beer.

The hellish 3.55 mile run in North Bend is one of many stops that the Warrior Dash makes on its international tour. From Georgia to Australia, this well-known race is well-traveled and well-participated by many extreme thrill seekers.

Photo by Ashley Genevieve

As intense as it sounds, this is a fun activity for anyone — as long as you meet the minimum age requirement of 14, you’re in the clear to participate. Racers are also encouraged to wear goofy costumes — permitting that it doesn’t cause harm to fellow competitors.

After the epic battle of the bravest and burliest, there will be plenty of food, drink and live music in which to indulge. If this piques your interest, look into joining the craziness next year — but be sure to mark your calendars now! For more information, check out the official website for Warrior Dash.