Climb To New Heights At Seattle Bouldering Project

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Experience freestyle bouldering at this new destination in South Seattle.

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Bouldering is a rock climbing technique performed without the use of a rope – though, have no fear, a crash pad is below you to break any falls. The maneuvers are designed to challenge your body and mind. The focus is on short sequences of moves on boulder “routes,” commonly referred to as problems — since the nature of the climb is much like problem-solving, all the while allowing a challenging workout.

Though the sport has increased in popularity over the past five years, indoor options have been scarce in Seattle. That is, until climbing partners Andy Wyatt and Chris Potts teamed up to create the newly-opened Seattle Bouldering Project (SBP). Both passionate climbers, their idea was to create something that wove together their personal and professional interests.

Based on its size, SBP is the largest bouldering gym in the world. Although climbing and bouldering are large components of the facility, the overall focus of the gym is is to create an active, healthy lifestyle.  It offers a full fitness center, complete with a yoga studio, cardio equipment, weights and locker rooms with showers.

“One of the driving forces behind this whole project was trying to create a facility that provided an avenue for a healthy lifestyle,” Potts explained. “Climbing is an incredible physical activity but you need to have balance. You can’t physically climb every day, so what we wanted to do was have an all encompassing fitness facility with climbing as a backbone.”

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A major advantage to bouldering is that it is fully accessible. There is no equipment necessary, beyond comfortable clothing and climbing shoes – which SBP offers free of charge. Just walk in as you are and the friendly staff will hook you up – not literally, of course, since bouldering is done freestyle.

SBP offers a daily pass ($16, $12 for students/youth), which allows newcomers to experience a bouldering adventure of their own before signing up for a monthly membership. Yoga classes, free weights and cardio equipment are included in the price of the membership and shoe rental is free of charge.  Classes and clinics are also available. SBP is family-friendly with a special bouldering area for younger climbers.

So what are you waiting for? Get climbing!

Seattle Bouldering Project  |  900 Poplar Place S., Seattle  |  (206) 299-2300