Get Uber Excited For Uber Seattle!

For mobile-device users, navigating the city just got much more convenient.

We all know getting from Point A to B can be a hassle in downtown Seattle. Morning and evening traffic transforms a quick trip into a headache-inducing journey; convenient, affordable parking is a prized rarity; and don’t let’s start about 3rd Avenue.

For these reasons, Seattleites will delight at Uber — a new mobile app that provides affordable car services to citydwellers with just a couple of finger-strokes. The San Francisco-based venture has already become a smash hit with residents of the Bay area. Now, we are pleased to announce Uber’s arrival to the Emerald City — starting today.

Here’s how it works: smartphone users first download the free app from either the iTunes Store or Android Market. Whenever one desires a lift, he or she simply logs into the app. If it’s their first time, the user must enter their credit card information. Their precise location will then be pinpointed, thanks to remote technology.

After they sign up online, SMS users may also use Uber by simply texting their address to 827-222 (UBR-CAB), and then confirming their location.

The closest driver will be located and notified — and while the user is waiting, they are free to review the driver’s ratings (as posted by previous patrons). If they would like to cancel the ride, they may do so at any time, for any reason. The estimated wait time isn’t long, though — roughly 5-10 minutes, with a text message sent to the rider when his or her Uber driver has arrived.

Best of all, credit card information is kept on file for each previous customer. So, once you get started, there will be no signing, tipping or digging into your wallet at the end of the ride. Just a polite “thank you” will suffice.

“We’re a strong team in a thriving community,” said Danielle Reyes, Uber Seattle Community Manager, “and we’re excited about being a part of its growth, introducing a new way, a new transportation experience through technology, quality drivers, and a pumped support team.”

Reyes also points out that passengers aren’t the only beneficiaries of this new technology — the drivers take away something valuable, as well.

“Uber has become somewhat of a movement in San Francisco and New York in a way that we have changed the lives of our drivers by utilizing their down time [and] turning their business around completely,” she said. “We love our Uber drivers.”