Fall Beauty Essentials

Reasonable makeup, nail, and hair products that will keep you stylish all season.

Keeping up with the trends can be daunting! This fall, designers have made face and hair trends basic, bold, bright, and messy.  So check out a few simple products that might just decrease your morning routine in half and save you some time for beauty sleep.

Pucker Up

This fall is all about the lips!  The runways were covered with fresh faces and bold lips in bright whimsical colors from Covergirl, including Spellbound, a Barbie-inspired pink, and Hot, a warm red tone.  Covergirl’s Lip Perfection Lipsticks, as seen on Drew Barrymore, are reasonably priced, come in rich tones, and have a silk moisturizing complex doubling as a chap stick and lipstick.

Covergirl’s Lip Perfection Lipstick | $7 | Available at your local drugstore

Westman for Revlon

Guccci Westman, famous makeup stylist for the runways and films has collaborated with Revlon on a new line called, Expressionists, coming to drugstores this October.  This line includes all the essentials for your everyday look, but in deep bold colors.  The purple lipstick and blue eye shadow may scare you, but when worn separately they draw attention to your face and enhance your overall look.

Expressionists | Available at your local drugstore on Oct. 1, 2011

Light and Dark

This year, nail trends are simple — a good manicure with beige or jewel tone polish.  When you wear beige polish, make sure it compliments your skin tone; light skin should use a darker beige and dark skin should use a lighter beige.  The darker trend of the season is deep dark jewel tones like this Deep Sea by MAC.  What’s great about these jewel tones is that they compliment bold makeup and tie your whole look together.

MAC Nail Lacquer in Deep Sea and Quiet Time | $15 | Available at Nordstrom

Mess it up

No need for hairspray — this season, messy hair is in.  Exemplify the runway and throw your hair in a braid or low pony — but don’t forget to pull out a few strands by the face line and towards the nape of the neck.  If your hair is too thick and stays together or too fine with no texture, try out LiQWd The Perfect Wave. LiQWd works with any hair type by creating a wave in the hair that eliminates frizz.  Run a dime-sized amount through your tresses, add a few curls and you should have a wave that creates natural, romantic wisps.

LiQWd The Perfect Wave | $22 | Available at  shopping.netsuite.com