Look classic in these durable Autumn basics.

As the new season rolls around and we feel compelled to buy a whole new wardrobe, there are a few simple ways to create a fresh look on a budget. It is good to buy a few on-trend pieces each season, but it is important to start your wardrobe with classic, well-made staples that will become a part of your personal style. The following items will be in the forefront of your closet for many years to come.

Seattleite gets the 411 straight from the guru on the hottest trends this season.

Fashion is going back in time this fall. Whether it be lady-like touches a la the ‘50s, hippie influences of the ‘70s, or leather circa the ‘80s — what’s old is new again! And we all know that’s good news in this economy. We chatted with Ken Downing, fashion director at Neiman Marcus, for the lowdown on all the leading looks.