Sexy Food: Girl Power Happy Hour at 509 Wines in Fremont

Ladies, get your wine on!

Girls getting together for Friday happy hour whilst talking business in tight power suits is dead sexy. Ask anyone. Which is why if you’re a gig l- or a woman if you want to put on your big girl britches- you ought to get thyself to 509 Wines in Fremont this Friday the 14th at 4 PM.

This is a girl power hour like none other for several reasons. Firstly, it’s at a wine tasting room in Fremont, otherwise known as the center of the universe. It’s not very often you find yourself in a Puget Sound tasting room outside of Woodinville, so to get a chance to chill in one that is at the very core of our city is a rare treat, indeed.

Secondly, it’s in a tasting room. I realize I mentioned that already, however I did not elaborate on the fact that there will be excellent wine on hand. It’s also a small tasting room, so if your glass veers toward the half-empty along with your outlook on the business week, someone will be there to fill it with a smile and a healthy pour. Further, 509 Wines makes lush and wonderful wines that impart a sense of place. That place is Walla Walla, one of the rare patches of terroir suitable for growing a variety of sun-drenched grapes that bear excellent winemaking fruit.

Finally, there are striking food pairings to go along with the wines. Here’s the skinny:

  • 2010 Clos des Seattle Viognier with herbed goat cheese.
  • 2010 Mourvedre Rose Cote du Fremont with Japanese Roasted green tea pumpkin seeds.
  • 2009 cabernet sauvignon with Spanish styled ham.
  • 2009 Syrah with dark chocolate roasted almonds.

All this can be yours if you own a set of ladybits and find yourself in Fremont at the appointed time for only $5.00 (with additional wine available upon purchase). For more information or to register for the event, click here.  

 509 Wines in Fremont | 1300 N Northlake Way, Ste 509, Seattle | Friday, Oct. 14 | 4 PM