Fall Comforts: West 5’s Astral Mac ‘n’ Cheese

Fall’s classic gooey goodness at its best.

The Scoop: Nestled among a multitude of well-known bars and pubs, the neon red and yellow sign of West 5 Lounge & Restaurant glows brightly. 

Walking into West 5 is like stepping back in time — the place is decked out in relics.  Owners Dave Montoure and Dean Overton keep post-war West Seattle alive throughout the lounge with fixtures from the 50’s and 60’s, including a large nautical painting that once hung in the Vann Brothers Restaurant. Montoure and Overton, both Seattle natives, left their corporate jobs to open this old-fashioned eatery.

Crave Factor: The menu at West 5 is chocked full of classic dishes with modern updates. The hardest to resist is the world-famous Astral Mac ‘n’ Cheese ($8.95-10.95). Reminiscent of that childhood classic, Kraft, the Astral Mac ‘n’ Cheese is gooey, rich and full of flavor.

Each dish is baked in a separate casserole dish, and then served piping hot with a crunchy breadcrumb topping. A five-cheese sauce oozes out once the outer shell is broken — a delectable combination of nutty cheddar, sharp swiss, cotija, dry parmesan and cream cheese. The pasta perfectly traps the cheese in creamy, irresistible bite.

Fun Fact: West 5 has been honored by numerous publications for having the best happy hour in Seattle and serves a killer, traditional Mai Tai.

West Five Lounge & Restaurant | 4539 California Ave. SW, Seattle | (206) 935-1966