Happenin’ Happy Hour: Cicchetti

This cool, cozy Eastlake watering hole offers drink specials that will blow you away.

If it’s good (and cheap) enough for last week’s “Seattleite” staff meeting, Cicchetti is certainly worthy of your happy hour radar. Tucked beside sister restaurant Serafina on Eastlake Avenue, Cicchetti’s hip atmosphere, attentive staff and palette-perking food and cocktails are enough to make anyone think twice about which sibling to choose for the evening. Just be sure to keep their names straight.

Must-Have Grub: At Cicchetti, there isn’t much of a price difference between the mainstay menu and the happy hour offerings — nor is there a lack in flavor. A cup of truffle popcorn ($1) is a must, and either a pizza of the day ($5) or pizza margarita ($6) should promptly follow. Jumping over to larger offerings, my favorite was fluffy flatbread accompanied by a trio of dips — muhamarrah, feta yogurt with mint and sweet tomatoes with honey — that was filling enough to warrant the $11 asking price. 

Must-Have Libations: Each happy hour drink selection is priced to perfection. Glasses of Prosecco and house wine are $5, draft beers $3, and premium wells $4.50 — a price range that makes the first round very easy to swallow. The HH specialty cocktails are just that — and at $5, the best deal on the menu. Good for you (but detrimental for this column), Cicchetti is constantly changing the specialty list. Should you visit soon (now!), order the Whisky Quill for a grapefruit and cinnamon infused cocktail that balances sweet, smoky, and spicy all in one glass. 

Happy Times: Tuesday through Saturday, between 5 and 6:30 p.m. 

Cicchetti  |  121 E. Boston St., Eastlake  |  (206) 859-4155